5 Reasons To Join A Kansas City Tour

Updated: Mar 4

1. You’ll Get To See Different Neighborhoods

Discover the vibrant and unique districts in Kansas City as we share the local stories. We welcome long time residents to be a tourist in their own city as well as new visitors. We tour original historic districts like The River Market where we share the food, drinks, art and history of this unique area. We tour neighborhoods that are rich in history like the Downtown and Crossroads Arts districts where there are eclectic new restaurants, bars and historic landmarks.

2. You’ll Get A Taste of History

Discover the turbulent past that has created the city that Kansas City is today. Our local tour hosts share the stories about the city’s beginning as the gateway to the West supporting the pioneers traveling across the plains. The city story also includes many years of mob activity and brothels in the early 1900s. Our past included a mob boss that influenced city government, bootlegging during prohibition, gambling and Chicago mafia connections. Kansas City also has an interesting food history including steaks and barbecue.

3. You’ll Get To Discover ‘New To You’

Discover the Kansas City places and stories that you haven’t experienced before. Our tours share the little known districts like the historic Crossroads Arts which is growing again. Our culinary tour hosts know the newest chef created restaurants and specialize in crafting experiences to showcase the best food with our guests. Our team can even share the unique artistic galleries, street murals and artisan workshops. We are involved in the community and love to share the new to the city districts.

4. You’ll Take Part In A Social Activity

Discover new people as you experience the city. Traveling can sometimes feel lonely especially if you don’t know where to go. We offer private tours if you want to hang with your group or you can join others on our local tour experiences. Our culinary tours are a chance to share a meal and conversation with new people. Walk through history with new friends on a weekend district history tour. We look forward to hosting you.

5. You’ll Support the Local Community

Discover our local chefs, artisans, shops and entrepreneurs. Local businesses are what makes every community special. We only support our local business and neighbors during our tour experiences. We know that for every $100 spent at local businesses, $68 will stay in the community. We are proud of the people in our city and are happy to introduce our guests to the best and newest artisans in our city.

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