Tour First; Explore Second

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You’ve arrived at your destination, got out of the ride share and dropped off your bags. Now, you need to start your discovery of your location. Taking a tour is the first step to getting connected to the city. Then, you can start your exploration with more information and the overview you need.

Starting with a tour gives you information about the area’s past and present which can help you understand what you want to experience in depth. It’s a good idea to search for tour options before you arrive at your destination. Build your list of options and know how far in advance you need to book the tours. You can find tours that you can book when you arrive so you can check the weather. There will also be some tours that you need to book in advance or are public tours that may sell out before you arrive.

What are you interested in? History tours are an interesting way to discover the city and its popular districts. Bus or driving tours are best to give you a big picture view to discover the areas you may want to revisit. Walking tours let you experience a specific district at the local level. Culinary tours share the local flavor with small tastes so you can go back for a full meal at your favorites.

Your local tour guide will be your expert to make the first discoveries in the city. You can ask them any questions you have so you can continue your exploration. Be observant as you tour to find things you want to visit again during your stay. You may even want to take a couple tours of different types.

Once you have finished your tours you can use your new knowledge to plan your exploration of the city. Stop by a local place you saw to take a break, enjoy a locally crafted beverage and plan your next steps. Make reservations at the restaurants you loved on your tour. Revisit the districts with the best vibe to shop and sip away an afternoon. Check out the local breweries you found or enjoy a craft cocktail at a lounge in your favorite district.

You can enjoy your entire trip because you started with a tour and met your local expert. Our Tour Team at Kansas Tour Company can introduce you to Kansas City.

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