What should you eat in Kansas?

Kansas is a state rich in farmland and cattle ranches which leads to a wealth of flavorful foods. Family dinners and potluck gatherings inspire these popular statewide foods.

A Bierock is a pocket sandwich made with yeast dough wrapped around a filling of seasoned ground beef and sausage, shredded cabbage, and onions, then baked until puffy and golden brown. The food was brought to the state with Volga German immigrants decades ago.

Chili and a Cinnamon Rolls sounds like a strange combination is actually incredibly common in Nebraska — and, is actually surprisingly delicious. Many Nebraskans first encounter a bowl of chili served with a warm cinnamon roll as a school lunch.

Pie is a popular dessert since farm wives often bring dinner to the fields, traditionally with a pie for dessert. A classic choice in Kansas is the Sour Cream Raisin Pie.

Kansas City BBQ is well known for it’s savory sauces and tasty smoked meats. Ribs are especially plentiful in restaurants around the state.

Burnt Ends are golden nuggets of brisket that are a Kansas City rite of passage. Typically, the fattier part of the brisket point takes longer, so is returned to the smoker once the rest of the meat is done, which allows it to cook into a caramelized, extra-smoky hunk of meat. The resulting burnt ends are then chopped into cubes and served over buttered toast or plain white bread.

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All images courtesy of Food Network